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Phishing, Identity Theft, and Fraud Prevention Information

Up to 500,000 individuals are victims each year of identity theft

Three of the most common methods thieves use to steal your identity: Phishing, Spoofing, Pharming

Phishing is the use of fraudulent emails to direct customers to fraudulent web sites that resemble legitimate bank sites.

"Phishing" pronounced "Fishing" is exactly that. Crooks are trying to steal your identity, passwords, and money by fishing. The lure (bait) can come in many forms. The most popular method of "phishing" is to send out emails claiming to be from a bank or financial institution and with a link and a fake reason why you need to access your account.

These emails can appear to be legitimate because the crook will steal the graphics from the bank or financial institution they are targeting. The links can also appear to be legitimate by embedding the .html into a email and using mouseover javascripts to display a false web address.

These thieves may even provide a 1-800 number to call. (If you receive a suspicious email, contact your bank directly).

Spoofing involves the generation of the fraudulent web sites, designed to mirror the legitimate site. 

Pharming redirects every web-surfer legitimately trying to reach a compromised site to a fraudulent, "spoofed" web site.

Tips to avoid becoming a victim | Phishing Examples | Report Suspicious Emails| Additional Help
While there is no 100% guarantee that anyone is 100% safe from becoming a victim of identity theft, there are several things you can do


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